Legal Requirements to Obtain the 6(2) Category Residency Permit

1. Property Purchase

It is essential that your property purchase in Cyprus for your residency permit is the purchase of a new immovable property/ies with a value of €300,000 or more (excluding vat).

Your solicitor will need to submit the application form accompanied with a contract of sale and proof of payment of at least €200,000 (excluding vat). The property can also be put on a company name provided that the company is registered in the name of the applicant and/or the applicant and spouse, and that he/they are the sole shareholders. Additionally, the contract of sale must have been submitted to the Cyprus Department of Land and Surveys.

*The applicant is allowed to purchase up to two (2) residential properties (apartments/houses), or one residential unit and one shop (with a maximum area of 100sqm), or one housing unit and one office (with a maximum area of 250sqm), provided that the combined value exceeds €300,000.

This allowance is applicable per married couple. As from the 7th May 2013, the Government has stipulated that only new properties purchased directly from a developer qualify for this scheme. Additionally, the units should be purchased from one developer.

2. Annual Income

The applicant must provide a declaration with supporting documentation of a secured annual income from a legitimate source, deriving from outside Cyprus. The minimum annual income per applicant is €30,000 and an additional €5,000 per dependent, and €8,000 per dependent parent/parent in-law. The annual income of the spouse can be estimated for the purposes of this criterion.

3. Fixed Deposit

Once you have purchased your property in Cyprus a minimum amount of €30,000 must be deposit in a Cypriot bank account for three years. After the expiration of this period the money will be released without restriction.

4. Letter of Intent

Your solicitor will assist you with filling in an official statement, confirming that you and your spouse do not intend to work in Cyprus. However, you and your spouse are entitled to be a shareholder and receive income from the dividends of a company registered in Cyprus without affecting your application or permit.

5. Dependants

a. Children over the age of 18 years of age

Permits may be granted to unmarried dependents aged 18-25, provided that it is proved that they are in full-time education outside of Cyprus with a remaining studying period of 6 months from the submission of the application and are financially dependent on the applicant/s.

If the adult children are in higher education in Cyprus they will be eligible to be included in the applicant’s permit once they’ve completed their studies, irrespective of their age. In such cases the requirement of secure annual income is increased by €5,000 per dependent child. A positive amendment to the original 6(2) legislation was made on 14.01.14, which now means that permits granted to all dependents are valid forever.

To obtain the permit a separate application should be made which includes all of the above mentioned documents in addition to a declaration from the parents stating that they are willing to support the dependent and a registration certificate from an educational institution to prove that the applicant is in full time education. An additional fixed deposit is not required.

b. Non-dependants over 18 years of age

Permits can also be obtained for non-dependent children over 18 years old provided that each child has an attributable market value of the acquired property of €300,000 excluding vat ( in addition to the €300,000 attributable to the main applicant and his /her spouse). For such cases the application must be accompanied by a receipt of payment for at least 66% of the purchase price of the acquired property. For example, an applicant who has a child aged 30 years old, should purchase a property/ies with a purchase price of €600,000 or above, and provide a payment receipt for at least €396,000. The non-dependent child must submit together with his/her application all other supporting documents required by the Regulation 6(2) stated above, such as the secured annual income of at least €30,000, and 3 years fixed deposit account.

c. Dependant parents

Permits may be granted to the parents of the main applicant and/or his/her spouse. In such cases the requirement of secure annual income for the main applicant and his spouse is increased by €5,000 per dependent parent. To obtain the permit a separate application should be made which includes all of the required documents.

6. Documentation required

You will be required to submit a criminal record certificate (issued from the country of origin), health insurance policy, marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) and copy of a passport (valid for at least 2 years) are also required.


Permanent Residency holders must visit Cyprus once every two years to maintain their status.


  1. First Contact Session
    1. Introduction to the company and what services will be offered.
    2. Will discuss your property needs that will qualify you for permanent residency or citizenship in Cyprus.
  2. Your property requirements: 
    1. Your budget.
    2. Property type.
    3. Number of bedrooms
    5. Location:
      1. Inland, or
      2. Coastal
    6. Swimming pool required.
    7. Off plan or completed.
    8. Time frame to completion to property.
  3. Prior to trip:
    1. Service fee
    2. Arrange flight tickets
    3. Arrange visa.
  4. Property buying trip:
    1. 4 to 5 days requires.
    2. View properties that match your property needs with developers that are reputable and dependable.
    3. €10 000 reservation fee will be required to remove the property from database and secure the property – ensure you have increased your account limits.
  5. Appointment with solicitor
    1. Will ensure that the solicitor is independent and thus ensuring your best interest and not of the developer or the agent.
    2. Contracts will be drawn up in English.
    3. Power of attorney will be signed to ensure the solicitor can proceed with documents on your behalf in your absence (standard practice on the island).
    4. Will assist with opening a bank account, you will need to bring proof of address and proof of income.
    5. Will inform you about all the necessary documents you will require for your property purchase in Cyprus that will qualify you for permanent residency or citizenship.
  6. Delivery of property:
    1. Will return to Cyprus to meet with developer and solicitor for outstanding fees and possible snag list of your property.
    2. Transfer property utilities onto your name.
    3.  Help furnishing the property.
    4. Will assist with setting up:
      1. Insurance (medical & home).
      2. Internet for use at your property.
      3. Property Management Company that can look after your property.
    5.  Payment of the remaining service on delivery of property and all services provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more.